About me

Today’s “Queen” of Qanon, Hasmik Leyloyan, is considered the innovator of classical school of Armenian Qanon, notonly thanks to her new performing styles, but also for bringing in recitals in the history of Qanon (1974), by brilliantly performing folk, as well as classical complex compositions.

Since 70’ies Hasmik Leyloyan is actively participating in different concerts. For many years she has been the soloist of Armenian State Philharmonic Society, later the soloist of Symphonic-Estrade Orchestra of Armenian National Radio. She has performed with different orchestras, such as the orchestra of Yerevan National Opera House after Al. Spendiaryan, symphonic orchestras of Montreal, Toronto, Marcel, Sydney, Lyon and New York, The National Instruments Orchestra of Moscow after Osipov and others. She has also co-worked with numerous famous musicians, such as Ara Gevorgyan, Karen Durgaryan, Yervand Yerznkyan, Nikolai Kalinin, Daniel Decker, Ronny Barak, Kai Auhagen and others.

The laureate of international and republic competitions Hasmik Leyloyan has given concerts in more than 40 countries, among them Canada, France, Beirut, Belgium, USA, Germany, Australia, Arabic and South American various countries.

The deserved artist of RA, Prof. Leyloyan of Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, being a skilled pedagogue, has educated many pupils not only from different regions of RA, but also from other countries around the world.

Hasmik Leyloyan’s arrangements and improvisations are already included in the repertoires of Qanon players; “Selected Works” collection, “Gamma-Arpeggio Exercises and Etudes for Technique Development” textbook, “Concert Pieces for Qanon” collection, as well as “Armenian School of Qanon” textbook (consisting of 2 parts), where are represented the first steps (methods) of teaching qanon. The book also contains brief history of Armenian qanon, right position of hands and right sitting position, the uniqueness of the instrument, as well as composition pieces of Armenian folk music, music by Armenian composers and classical music of different nations.

She has many radio and TV recordings included in the state funds. Her “Nostalgia” CD consists of two disks: the first includes compositions of Armenian composers; the second includes compositions of west-european and different nations, which are taken from live solo concerts of different times. She also has recorded “Zartonk”, “Fly My Heart”, “Come Back My Darling”, “Around the World” CDs, as well as “Golden Strings” and “Come Back” video recordings, which in a new way represent Hasmik Leyloyan’s art, her bright individuality, striking qualities of virtuoso and her continuous search for different forms of creative self-expression.